Information prior to registration as training provider

Please read carefully the steps below and ensure all your documentation is ready before proceeding to the registration form.
Prepare and upload a PDF copy of your eREPS Certificate.
If you are not eREPS accredited, prepare the folowing documents and send them by email to
(2.1) Commercial Register.
(2.2) CV from all the teachers that will participate in the delivery of the training course.
(2.3) Content of all programs you want to deliver. Remember that all the programs must meet Saudi Standards: Fitness Assistant (L2), Fitness Instructor (L3), Group Fitness Instructor (L3), Personal Trainer (L4) - (documents should be uploaded in PDF format). Continuous education or short term certification courses do not meet the accreditation criteria for SaudiREPS.
(2.4) Your academy course calendar (remember that SaudiREPS verification team will schedule an onsite visit).
You must read and accept the Code of Conduct (available here)
Once you complete the registration form, our verification team will review your application and will send you an email.
Temporary accreditation - If you submit an eReps certificate you will receive an email notification of Temporary accreditation until the onsite verification visit is completed. After this step your SaudiREPS certificate will be available to download.
Full verification - If you are not eReps accredited, once you submit the required documents by email, our verification team will share recommendations on how to achieve accreditation.
In addition to reviewing materials and training methodology, your academy will receive a site visit from our External Verifier.
If you have all documents above ready, proceed to the registration form: