About SaudiReps


SaudiReps is the official Register of Exercise Professionals in Saudi Arabia. The register is managed by Leadership Institute, entity under the General Sports Authority and responsible for the technical supervision of the Saudi Fitness Standards in cooperation with the Standards Committee. The Saudi Fitness Standards Committee is a non-profit Industry representatative group that collaborates in the development of Occupational Standards for fitness professions in Saudi Arabia.

The Committee is formed by elected fitness industry stakeholders in a even distribution of:

  • Training providers
  • Academia
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Operators
  • Stakeholders from health organizations
  • Other stakeholders related to the fitness industry

The Committee members are elected for a term of 2 years. The Committee acts as representative body for Saudi Arabia at the International Standards Committee meeting, and in front of EuropeActive's Professional Standards Committee. The Committee is hosted at the Leadership Institute facilities, where the Saudi Register of Exercise Professionals (Saudi Reps) operates.


The Leadership Institute (LDI) established in 1987, is part of the General Sports Authority, the only entity in Saudi Arabia that is concerned with stablishing and overseeing standards, policies and regulations of all kind of sports training activities. The Leadership Institute aims to serve all sport sectors and federations through setting standards and regulations to qualify sports professionals in all fields, within the collaboration of Europe Active. Specifically, the Institute aims to enhance the competency and performance of all fitness practitioners and trainers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by establishing guidelines for courses being offered in the Kingdom. In addition, The Institute aims to ensure quality of service for consumers and participants by guaranteeing proper qualifications of the professionals operating in the sector. As part of the effort, Leadership Institute, since October 2017, is working with all the stakeholders involved in the fitness industry to develop occupational standards. Once the occupational standards will be approved, Leadership Institute will implement a mandatory Register of the Exercise Professional, SAUDI- REPS.


Leadership Institute with support of EuropeActive and a local Technical Expert Group (TEG) formed by representatives of Saudi fitness centers, training providers and academia, have worked to develop the Saudi Fitness Standards for the following occupations:

During the upcoming months, the Technical Expert group will formally establish the Saudi Fitness Standards Committee, who will embark with the Technical Expert Group in the process of developing further Standards, under the guidance of EuropeActive, refering to the different European Standards - http://www.ehfa-standards.eu/es-standards