The Saudi Fitness Standards

In 2009, European Health & Fitness Association (EHFA) through a Standards Council took on the responsibility for the direction and strategic thinking for developing a regulatory framework to increase public confidence in the work of the European Health and Fitness sector. As a voluntary sectorial regulation, the professional fitness standards that currently EuropeActive is overseeing, are a statement for professionals and training providers of adherence to good practices.

During the last 11 years, EuropeActive (new name for EHFA), has developed and revised an entire set of occupational stadards in consultation with industry stakeholders and governmental institutions.

What is the purpose of Standards?

Training providers use these standards to develop training programs. An important outcome of the use of the standards is to then enable individual exercise trainers who meet the learning outcomes of the standards to be registered with the professional register.

In 2018, EuropeActive has provided Leadership Institute, entity under the General Sports Authority, with guidance on how to establish professional standards and a professional register for the Saudi fitness market.

During EuropeActive’s engagement, and in cooperation with Industry stakeholders, Leadership Institute has led a process to develop a regulatory framework with the support of the industry. This process has aimed to be transparent, independent, credible and in widest consultation possible.

The Saudi Fitness Standards

Leadership Institute with support of EuropeActive and a local Technical Expert Group formed by representatives of Saudi fitness centers, training providers and academia, have worked on a set of local fitness standards.

During the upcoming months, the Technical Expert group will formally establish the Saudi Fitness Standards Committee, who will embark with the Technical Expert Group in the process of developing further Standards, under the guidance of EuropeActive, refering to addtional European Standards. for further information please visit: